The best kept secrets to make your travel comfortable and enjoyable

The best kept secrets to make your travel comfortable and enjoyable

Travel in the era bygone was nothing short of an adventure and that too for the brave hearted people. All the people, in those days had to travel on foot as there were no roads, to talk of, nor were there any of the mechanical transport to go about. Wild beasts, robbers, bad weather etc. all presented a challenge for travelers during those days, essentially forcing people to stay in their villages instead venturing out. Over the period of time as man learnt to harness and train horse and other animals travel became a bit safer and easier, enabling people to traveling groups, and man was basically his own beast of burden as he was required to carry his own load on his head.

With the development of science, over the years, came the engines and cars, the railroad, and finally the transport by air, making it easier for people to travel form one place to another in a short period of time. Talking of the present, travel is now an integral part of our lives be it for business, pleasure, vacations, or whatever else the reason maybe. The concern these days, with respect to travel, is how to manage travel within a budget and make it financially as easy as possible on ones pocket.

The first and foremost aspect is to ensure an economic travel, a light travel etc. The frequent travelers of the present day have, out of their experiences drawn up some useful travel hacks/secrets that are sure to make your travel safe, easy and economic, especially when travelling to or in India, as India can be a difficult destination to travel. These tips are bound to help you to find your way through.


Packing, one of the most important travel hacks, is the most essential of all the activities before embarking on a trip. Your sense and understanding the importance of how to pack is very important as on it depends your ease of travel. Space saving ideas while packing are indeed considerably important while travelling, like it is always better to roll your clothes than to just fold them, usage of tiny containers, like your old sunglass case, can be used as a very effective packing space for your chargers and cables etc., other small containers can be used to pack your valuable jewellery, roll up your belts within your shirts etc. 



Although this travel hack may be detrimental to the travel agents in general but the fact of the matter remains that there are such agents who tend to taking undue advantage of their clients. Some of these types talk you into paying more than that may be required for booking hotels, flights etc. So it is recommended that you do some research at a personal level as well, in order to avoid such a situation.



One of the most useful travel hacks is to make sure you book your tickets well in advance, be it train or air, as in that case you can rest assured to get a decent fare for you travel. Also ensure that for your bookings by air you use an incognito browser the reason being that most of the airlines or travel websites hike their prices after having tracked the cookies and understanding the consumers’ activities.


It very often happens that a stranger is generally taken for a ride by the local transport scamsters, in the sense that they mislead you into believing them, about not having heard of any such name of the hotel that you wish to go to etc., and take you to a hotel of their choice, where they are able to pick up a commission for having brought them business. In order to avoid falling into such a situation make sure that you carry your booking slip and the phone numbers of the hotel or the place of residence where you will be checking in, so that under such circumstances you could always call them up and confirm their presence and location, making it impertinent to bear this all important travel hack in mind.


These days the tourism departments of the state governments have introduced the concept of Home stays in their respective states, as a result of which even the Hostels meant for tourists have upgraded themselves to the comfort level that tourists look forward to. These Home stays offer you the best of amenities in a homely environment while being considerably cheaper on the rates as compared to the high end or the other hotels. As a result you can end up saving quite a considerable amount on your travel, if you bear this budgetary important travel hack in your mind.


In India the majority of dishes are vegetarian dishes with varied degree of delectable options, especially if you are budget conscious. The reason for this is that although Non-vegetarian dishes are available in India, they are offered at a premier price, so unless you are particularly interested in trying out a non-vegetarian dish we would recommend that you get used to various vegetarian flavours and cuisines, more over it is impertinent to remember that consumption of beef in India is a big no-no.

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After having checked in one always has the urge to go out and survey the place he/she is visiting and would like to take a go around to understand and plan out his/her visit. For this one would require to travel within the city, for the purpose of this it is recommended that you make use of the local transportation as much as possible, say an auto rickshaw, local city bus service, or something, as Uber and Ola cabs are not always available, this is likely to save you big time on your budget.


It is highly recommended that you avoid squeezing in too many places in a short time. Covering a lot of ground could lead to a burn out or exhaustion, which could result in ruining your overall trip. Instead you are recommended to visit lesser number of places   and in the bargain get to spend more time to explore each and every place that you visit. Rest assured that each and every Indian city has a lot for you to explore provided you get out of the city and explore the surroundings. Following this all important travel hack, will also give you an opportunity to get to know and interact with the locals and get interesting overall experiences as well.