How to Get Rangoli Stamp in Google Pay


How to get Rangoli & Flower Stamp /Sticker on Google Pay | Google Pay  Diwali Offer #stampswalidiwali - YouTube

Has anyone got Rangoli stamp in Google pay?

How can I get Diwali Rangoli stamp in Google pay?

How do I get stamps for Google pay?

How do I get free Pay with Google fire stamp?

How can I get selfie stamp?

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How To Get Rangoli Stamp In Google Pay | Netizens Trying Hard To Get Tez's  Diwali Stamps – Oracle Globe

The festive spree is here and different companies in the country are extending their offers in interesting ways. Google Pay is not behind and is all set to offer a few surprising features on the occasion of Diwali. It is providing Rs. 251 to anyone who manages to grab all five stamps, that includes a diya, a jhumka, flo
How to get Google Pay flower & rangoli stamp:
Go to Paytm and ‘add money’ option. Then, enter any specific amount like Rs. 35 or more in your wallet. You can pay using Google Pay or UPI and there are high chances to get a flower or a rangoli stamp using this method.
This is another method to get a rangoli stamp. Go to your Flipkart application and add products of Rs. 100 or more in your cart. Place the order via Google Pay or UPI. There is a tendency that you will get a rangoli stamp or flower stamp. Also, according to reports, if you cancel the order, you will get an instant refund.
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What is the hype about Google Pay’s Diwali stamp?
Google Pay is offering Rs. 251 to its users who manage to grab all the five stamps mentioned above. All you need to is get these stamps by scanning festive items or by transferring money more than Rs. 33. Users in huge numbers are following the trend and sharing their experiences on social media. Have a look.

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What is Google Pay rangoli stamp | Google Pay users struggle to get Rangoli  stamp, share hilarious memes [TWEETS] | Trending & Viral News