Manila Envelope

A Manila folder is a file folder designed to contain documents. It is generally formed by folding a large sheet of stiff card in half. Though traditionally buff, sometimes other colors are used to differentiate categories of files. The Manila envelope is a specific colored envelope designed for transporting documents. Wikipedia



Manila Envelope
Manila Envelope

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Reasons why industrial visits are key to student development


A wise man once said, ”Everything cannot be learned from books, and similarly everything cannot be learned by practice alone too”.

Industrial visits are a part of the curriculum in graduate and post-graduate courses in which students of all the branches visit the company/ industry relevant to their domain. They get to know first-hand how various tasks are performed in the industry and get a glimpse of corporate life after they pass-out from college. The respective department organizes industrial tours, which are very well within the framework of the prescribed curriculum. The students learn about the current trends in the market and the future scenario of the industry.


So why the industrial visits are a necessary part of the curriculum nowadays? The answer is quite simple- to bridge the gap between theory and practice and get the students to see a corporate or industry’s entire operations, which they have only learned in theory. They are also an excellent way to acquire practical and technical knowledge and learn about the challenges involved in mastering the sector. 


Sharda University is one of India’s premier institutes, which emphasizes on learning of their students and their suitability as per the ever-evolving technologies by organizing industrial visits from time to time. In these industrial visits, students learn about management tips and new technologies that are being applied in the industry.

Sharda School of Business Studies (SBS) has organized an industrial visit for the students of MBA First year to Sheela Foam, a leader in Polyurethane (PU) Foam. It has a nationwide presence in manufacturing PU Foam with a global marketing perspective and an excellent track record for many decades. Sheela Group is committed to a one-point programme that brings comfort, convenience, and luxury to enhance a modern man’s lifestyle.


Opportunity to interact with Industry Experts: Industrial visits provide the students a chance to meet the industry leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and corporates who share their wisdom, learning, and experience with the students to enable practical understanding. This interaction is useful to students in their career development, to develop leadership qualities & management skills, and to learn about the industry working. Industry interaction is also helpful in updating the curriculum when there are significant changes in the prevalent technology; also, the faculty members get to know about the industry’s latest trends.


Industry Exposure: The industrial visits bridge the gap between theoretical and practical learning. 

The main objective of industrial visits is to provide students with exposure to the practical working environment and gain awareness about the prevalent industrial practices. Through industrial visits, students get awareness about new technologies and see them in action too.


Learning experience: Industrial visits provide an opportunity for students to see and experience real workstations, plants, machines, and systems, assembly lines, and interact with highly trained and experienced personnel. This practical learning experience is necessary for students who have to date studied theory only and are unaware of a real production plant’s daily workings. The students learn about company policies in terms of production, quality, and service management and acquaint themselves with the working of instruments during the course curriculum.


Enhanced employability and PPO’s: Industrial visits increase networking opportunities and build a good relationship with the companies. Students, too, are more concerned about landing a job after undertaking an industrial visit.

The industrial visits increase the chances for corporate training, which, in turn, increase the students’ employability, and many such students are offered PPO’s when the corporates and students interact, and the company HR’s can see first-hand the qualification and talent of students. 


Management Lessons: During the industrial visits, the students get to watch the managers live, learn about various management concepts like Just In Time or Lean manufacturing and how they are put into action. It is not easy to manage hundreds of skilled and unskilled workers at the same time and meet the stringent quality norms and production targets of the company. How the managers, production engineers, employees work in tandem to achieve a common target is a management lesson in itself. And therefore, the industrial visits are a necessary part of the MBA curriculum of the students.


Interpersonal skills enhancement: Industrial trip helps students to enhance their interpersonal, communication skills, and teamwork abilities. The industrial visits have, time and again, proved to be an excellent platform for networking as the students interact and connect with the corporates via official social media platforms like Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter. These educational/ industrial trips also help the students identify their leaning towards a branch and decide their future work areas like marketing, finance, operations, IT, HR, etc.


Day off from the usual melancholy: Finally, these industrial visits provide the students much needed break from the usual melancholic theory classes, and students get a chance to engage in fun learning during the industrial visits. The students get an opportunity to learn something outside the four walls of their college. 

The endless chats, selfie sessions, bus games, friendly conversations with faculty members all make the students see a new caring side of their usual boring teachers, which is a fun and learning experience at the same time.


Industrial visits are usually the first point of interaction between a student and a live working industry. The students learn about the latest technology trend and make up their minds about their future job or area of interest. These industrial visits play an important role in bridging the gap between theory and practice, and the students learn about the various management practices. However, students and teachers both should take this seriously and utilize this industrial visit for learning and enhancing their skills. This trip should not be wasted in idle fun and jokes, and preferably used for team bonding and learning along with a bit of fun.